Aliens, no just Elon…

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from Jesse Watson on Vimeo. read more →

Microsoft is ready to take your call, no really…

The amazing growth Microsoft has seen in their Office 365 cloud platform is now fully integrated with their Skype for Business unified communications system.  We are in the middle of testing and training our team on how these tools will best compliment your organizations needs. Check the link below for a some insight into what.. read more →

Google to run everything in the cloud

On first look most will think that Google would already be doing this, but like most businesses they have till recently run things like HR and the like behind a “firewall(s)” inside the company network. This new approach is not as dramatic as it appears on the surface.  What it does is treat the internal.. read more →

Gone Phishing? Get the FAQ’s

It’s when you go an catch a nice big fish, right? Afraid not, and with phishing you are the “phish” the bad guys want to catch.  Yes phishing is one of the most significant threat vectors or way that the bad guys are focused next to trying to get you to click a bad link.. read more →

Nuclear batteries?

Anything nuclear today has a definite stigma attached to it.  The key as with many things in life is to not let fear drive our choices. In this case this is a form of battery technology that may prove move efficient than solar power if I have managed to read the article in scientific journal.. read more →

Hard Drive 101

Hard drives have been around for a good number of years and frankly at or just past their peak in volume.  With solid state drives snipping at their heals it won’t be more than another decade before we consider them complete dinosaurs. Because they are sealed inside of your computer most have no idea of.. read more →

Now you can have your old fashioned flip phone and a smartphone in one

Samsung has just released the Hennessy (W789). Okay so not sure we will see it stateside anytime soon and it likely will not be cheap, but if you don’t want to compromise could there be a price to high? We are also expecting a Samsung Galaxy variant that is more likely to head to the US… read more →

April Fools Rundown…

April fools is another great example of what makes technology fun.  It’s 24 hours of fake news, bad jokes and Gangnam Style references. But not all of it is the internet equivalent to lining a toilet with plastic wrap. Sometimes, good stuff manages to slip through the proverbial cracks in the web. Check out some of the.. read more →

Robot Boats Rescue Mission

For those moments in the future where you just have to cross the river without a bridge being handy. read more →

Anti-Badstuff Support

Below are details on what you need to know to avoid and if necessary remove problems related to viruses and malware. read more →