12 May 2015

Google to run everything in the cloud

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On first look most will think that Google would already be doing this, but like most businesses they have till recently run things like HR and the like behind a “firewall(s)” inside the company network.

This new approach is not as dramatic as it appears on the surface.  What it does is treat the internal network as though it is no more secure than the outside world.

From there each device that access these critical resources must be a part of the company device inventory and properly setup to be managed by their IT team.

From there using authentication, authorization and encryption Google is able to ensure both security and flexibility for all employees no matter where they are or the data they need to access.

What are the risks?  With a for today typical office user inside the company firewall the weakest link is almost always the user.  Especially for knowledge worker type heavy organizations like Google this approach is important value add in IT satisfaction and overall user flexibility.

What does that mean for you today?  Expect most workloads to move out of a given physical location and into at least the data center if not a variant of a public or private cloud system in the near future.  The benefits are not just financial or up-time related, but can have security benefits as now all doors are being watched as they are all outside.


Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal


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