Make a payment

We are huge fans of something often referred to “eating ones own dog food”.  In other words we extensively use and test many of the solutions we recommend to our clients.

Collecting and processing payments is a critical part of any businesses and below you will find details on some of our favorites and if you are a client you can test them out too.


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Online Check

We will always gladly accept your checks, but yes there are alternatives that can save you time and money (and us too).

Our current favorite from the company that makes QuickBooks and Quicken.  In other words a company many of us already trust to run our financial books.

Their tool is called the Intuit Payment Gateway.  While they do offer to process credit cards we only use their check system.

A couple things to note, we NEVER get your account information, only the funds, and your transaction is secure within their site using the latest in Internet security.

Credit Card

We typically use Groupon’s Breadcrumb merchant services, call to make arrangements.

The back story is that yes folks like Square are very popular, but charge a much higher fee 2.75% vs. 1.99% (when we physically swipe the card and more if over the phone) and others such as Intuit and other regular processors charge minimum monthly fee’s among other charges.  Breadcrumb has been easy to work with and deposits funds within 48 hours (if not too large).

Lately we have been testing Amazon’s Local Register system which has been excellent.  Even with what we consider large transactions done with a physical card have deposited in our account within 48 hours. Breadcrumb still beats them on price though, plus Breadcrumb also supports regular credit terminal devices when that is needed.