Email is a necessary evil, we love and it often hate it.

There are definitely solutions that will make your life easier and one of our favorites is Microsoft’s Office 365.  In the past to give you the “top-of-the line” email system it would involve thousands of dollars in servers and software. Today for as little as $6 per user we can deliver those same tools with no fuss or expensive updates down the road.

At YanceyWorks we are honored to be on the short list of Microsoft Partners that have attained “Cloud Accelerate” status with hundreds of Office365 seats under management.

What is Office365?

Yesterdays email was a big (or often small) bucket where email intended for you swims before you eventually download it to your phone or computer.

The problem with was that nothing was connected.  If you deleted an email on your phone, you computer had no clue you did that so as soon as you got to it, you have to repeat the entire process again.

If you are like our team and get 50-100 or more emails a day that is a HUGE time waster.

What is incredible about Office 365 is that for $6/user/month it solves that problem and throws in 25GB (yes Gigabytes) of space, synchronization of your contacts AND calendar items, and other of other goodies like Web Conferencing depending on your needs.

We can help you navigate the myriad of options and the complexities that arise from migrating into tools like this.

What about Google Apps?

Yes, we are a Google Apps reseller too and there are definitely occasions where they are a better fit, but this depends on your business and how it is setup.

I can get hosted Exchange bundled with my Internet or from another provider.

That’s great, but you get what you pay for.  Microsoft created the incredible Exchange server and has spent many hundreds of millions in the Office 365 platform.  They are here to win and no provider exists that can match their price\performance today. That said there are dynamics where another hosted Exchange option is better and we can help you with that too.