Telecom\Data Consulting

Do you pay to much for your voice and data services?

If you have had your current services for more than 3 years the answer is very likely yes.

True equipment changes will net you the best benefits, but even simple service changes can be dramatic.

Perfect example was one of our clients who originally had what is called a T-1 or 1.544Mbps of bandwidth for a team of almost 30 people.

Their monthly cost was over $600 a month.

Our alternative was 6600% faster in the download and 600% faster on uploading data for a total monthly cost of about half even including the addition of a backup DSL service.

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Why go with us?

Great question, if you talk with AT&T or anyone else they can ONLY sell you what they produce. We can get you the best price\performance from not one, but the 40 different carriers and providers partner with.

But I have multiple locations, or need special capabilities like MPLS, can you help me too?

Complex projects are our forte and something were experience is a critical part of ensuring a solution works from day one.  We leverage our relationships with over 40 top providers with services available across the globe to deliver you the results you demand.

What about Toll-Free, Long distance, and even wireless services?

Yes, if you use it to communication our experts can help you ensure you get the best solutions to fit your needs.

What about my current phone system, do I need to upgrade?

In most cases you will not need to change your equipment beyond adding a module, etc.  We find though that there are usually many often dramatic benefits to using some of the latest technology.  With our extensive relationships and tools we can ensure that whatever your data or telecom need we can help you find the solution that best fits your needs.