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Egnyte Cloud Storage

Send any file in your Egnyte cloud with Outlook Add-In.  The recipient receives a link that dowloads directly from Egnyte.  This makes the email go faster and allows for sending almost unlimited file sizes.


Add Egnyte to your SalesForce account.

Video of Egnyte+SF works


How to use FTP


Do not forget to download for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Nook



Enterprise Demo Videos


Need a shared mailbox to house shared contacts, mailboxes, calendars, etc. (careful it is technical)


Office 2010
Learn office and play at the same time (very cool)



Does your Outlook remember the wrong email address when you start typing?

Your Outlook holds a Cache of your most frequently used email addresses, and when you start typing in an email address Outlook it looks into this cache to help out by remembering what you might be trying to type.

As an example when I type in Bob it will remember I mean without me having to enter it all.

Now, what happens when I miss typed originally or now the address has changed?

Note that this is particularly important for internal email addresses for those of you who move to Office365 or to any different Exchange host.  Why? Basically your Outlook may be remembering a “coded” version of your email addresses that will not work anymore.

1.       Open a new message in Outlook
2.       In the To: field, begin typing the email address of the user whose mail is bouncing
3.       Once the name begins to auto-populate, hit the Delete key (not backspace) and then finish typing the users email address
4.       Go ahead and send the message and the problem should be gone for good